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As Director of Women’s Ministry at First Baptist Church, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Laura leads a team of ten women to oversee 25 different ministries and events that come under the Heart Life Women’s Ministry umbrella.  Prompted by what she has learned from courses taken at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and what she has gleaned practically by serving in her local church, these seminars can help women’s ministry teams from any size church move forward in growing their ministry.   Each can be presented as an independent session or combined to create a leadership retreat.


Women’s Ministry 101
A workshop to cover the basics of getting started in women’s ministry:

  • Begin with prayer
  • Why women’s ministry?
  • Identifying your mission statement
  • Garnering support from the staff
  • Forming your team

Planting a New Year/New Ministry
Designed to be taught during an overnight leadership retreat, these sessions will take y our team through vision casting for women’s ministry to the details of dates on the calendars.  Laura will guide you through planning an effective women’s ministry and empower you with insight to make it happen.

Women’s Ministry – Making It Happen
You know the why’s – this workshop covers the how.  Specific ideas that have been used by other women’s ministry groups will be shared.  You will come away with an overflowing list of practical ideas and events that you can implement in your ministry.


Heart Life 3D – Women Mentoring Women
If you’ve wanted to implement a Titus 2 mentoring program, but have been confounded by how to make it happen, this workshop is for you.  Laura Macfarlan faced the same dilemma when called upon to mentor a few years ago. She prayed and this idea is what the Lord delivered.  This mentoring method is practical, easy to implement, and has been used for over five years with teen-age girls, college girls, and adult women.


The Jerusalem Project
The Great Commission is something we know we are called to do and commanded to do.  Many of us feel comfortable praying for missions, giving to missions, and even going on a mission trip – Africa, Alaska, and Appalachia don’t seem nearly so intimidating as my own hometown.  Come learn about this strategic mission idea for reaching your Jerusalem with the gospel of Christ.


Keeping the Ministry Fire Burning without Burning Yourself Out
Leaders can become so busy doing things for God that they neglect to spend time with God.  Come hear about key indicators that you may be facing burn out, learn how to protect yourself from burn out, and how to keep your personal relationship on fire with God.

This seminar offers practical help for using our words to share the life-changing message of the Living Word!  Whether crafting bulletin announcements, articles, blog posts, or newsletters, this teaching offers tips for making your writing powerful and effective.


6 Responses to Women’s Ministry Leadership

  1. Traci Martin says:

    I wish to thank Laura for her article in Missions Mosaic Feb 2013.
    Her prayer in reference to Genesis 45:1-15, 25-28 was very timely to me as I prepare to return to the homeless mission where I serve and face the person satan used to rattle me in fear when he threw out coffee in my face. God has been so faithful to show me countless ways this incidence has given Him glory and I am honored to be trusted to endure such an attack.
    Thank you Laura for your words of wisdom, God used them this morning to encourage me greatly!

    • LauraMac says:

      Traci —
      Thank you for these kind words — there is no greater joy for the child of God than to be used by God. I’m grateful to be used by Him today to encourage you. So amazing to think that the assignment for that article came well over a year ago, but God knew just when it needed to come across your desk.

      I’m praying for you today, as you prepare to walk back into that homeless mission. Thank you for allowing Him to use you!
      Much Love in Jesus,

  2. Teresa Walker says:

    I am interested in your seminars. Coming into a leadership role for the women and I need some insight and knowledge in building back up this ministry.
    Thank you.

    • LauraMac says:

      Teresa —

      What joy to know God is calling you to serve Him by investing in women!

      I’ve sent you an email — let’s find a time to talk.

      All for Jesus,

  3. Harriet Carnes says:

    I want to know more about your women’s ministry leadership seminar. Are these topics that will be covered during a retreat which you lead? Or, is there material that you produce for a church to use covering these topics. Please send more information. Our women’s ministry is not new but I would like to hear more about the topics you cover.

    • LauraMac says:

      Harriet —
      Thanks for your inquiry! Please email me directly at Cross.My.Heart@cox.net with your phone number and a good time to call. I’m looking forward to visiting with you about one of my favorite topics — women’s ministry!

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