Scripture Memory

The Scripture I memorized as a child comes readily to my lips, but I find it much more challenging to commit Scripture to memory as an adult.  However, the benefits and blessings of having God’s Word hidden in my heart remain unchanged.

Scripture memory is a discipline and brings great blessing.  As Paul advised Timothy, Scripture is indeed “…useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness…” (II Timothy 3:16)  God has used His Word to do all that and more in my life.

God has challenged me to commit a long passage to memory this year.  He has led me to Romans 12 — what a powerful chapter! Would you like to join me in hiding this truth in your heart?

To aid us in our verse by verse journey, I’ve created a little file which you can download and print here:  Romans 12.

You can print it on card stock and staple or even glue the pages into a small journal.  I find it useful for redeeming the “wait” time at the doctor or dentist, when picking up a child, or when meeting a friend.  Incorporating this into my daily quiet time helps to cultivate this discipline.

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  1. Judy Carter says:

    I attend FBC in Thomasville, Ga. We have a WMU meeting each month and it is my month to have the program. I read your article “In my heart and on my tongue “that is in November MOSAIC. I am going to use you article to encourage our group to put more of God’s words in our hearts. I am going to print out you outline for memorizing . Thank you for putting on paper what God has put in your heart. Judy A. Carter

  2. LauraMac says:


    Thank you for these kind words of encouragement. They are a blessing to me today!

    I’m praying your leading out at your meeting is Spirit-led and God stirs the hearts of the Thomasville women to have His Word in their hearts and on their tongues!

    All for Jesus,

  3. Grace Worley says:

    Laura, I am doing the program tonight for our Circle using the Mosaic and saw your article–this is going to be my emphasis. Where is the booklet you created to aid in memorizing Romans 12–this is something I would like to do and will challenge our circle members and my Sunday School class (Youth).

  4. Catherine says:

    I had once memorized Romans 12. You’ve challenged me to boot up my grey matter and stimulate my memory once more to bring this wonderful passage to life in my walk. Thank you.

  5. Lee Anne Kendrick says:

    I once read God places us where he knows we will draw close to Him! He places those people in our lives that encourages us to do just that! I’m so grateful where he put me!! All the pain and sorrow….yet now there is so much Joy in my life!

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