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The Name of Jesus

The name of Jesus is more than just a nametag to identify who He is.  Throughout Scripture –even beginning in the Old Testament — we note the call to worship His name. I love how  Steve Hawthorne describes the “name … Continue reading

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Embracing Divine Interruptions

Now a man who was lame from birth was being carried to the temple gate called Beautiful, where he was put every day to beg from those going into the temple courts. Acts 3:2 In the first century there was … Continue reading

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Peter: Coward to Courageous

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:12 This is essentially the message preached by Peter at Pentecost. It was used by … Continue reading

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A Job To Do and the Power To Do It

How extraordinary to receive the assignment to evangelize the world.  But how even more extraordinary to receive the power to do the job. But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my … Continue reading

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Last Words: Wait and Go

This daddy whispers into his daughter’s ear before walking her down the aisle.  We may not know what he said to her, but I’m confident the words this father spoke to his daughter are remembered by her and treasured for … Continue reading

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What Jesus Began, We Get to Continue

In my former book, Theophilus, I wrote about all that Jesus began to do and to teach until the day he was taken up to heaven… Acts 1:1-2a   Luke’s former book is the gospel of Luke. The book of … Continue reading

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Rights and Responsibilities

As Americans, we love our rights. We like to quote them. We enjoy living them. It’s been that way from the beginning. To get the Constitution passed, our Founders even had to concurrently adopt the Bill of Rights. The right … Continue reading

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Book Review: Start With Amen

I first met Allen and Ruth Ewing when my husband Kevin and I (young marrieds at the time) were part of the small group they were leading at our church. Ruth was a special mentor to me. Her quiet, gentle … Continue reading

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Write the Word: REST

REST. Are you in need of it? Do you make it a priority? What does it look like in your life? Does the word REST bring to mind an afternoon nap or a week to bake at the beach? I’ve … Continue reading

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He Has Risen!

It was the women who showed up first thing Sunday morning. They were rewarded by being the first to hear the news: He is not here; He is risen, just as he said. Matthew 28:6 The angel made it clear: … Continue reading

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